We employ a team of factory-trained and insured professionals for premier window installations.

Opal Building Solutions in Toronto provides expert window glass repair and custom-cut furnishings to enhance home functionality and appearance with meticulous craftsmanship.


Opal's installers prioritize creating a comfortable and stylish environment in your home.

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  • Installing windows and door
  • Glass replacement
  • Hardware installation for windows and door
  • Tempered glass
  • Sliding door
  • Railing and more



Choosing the right entry door for your house requires considering various options to ensure it's visually appealing and durable enough to withstand elements and intruders.

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Windows, or transparent openings in masonry walls or doors, allow light and air to pass through, with frames preventing collapse. Choose the right window for home improvement.

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We provide top-notch glass installation, replacement, and repair services to homeowners, addressing any glass needs, from replacing shower doors to fixing broken windows.

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We offer expert retrofit window installation, ensuring energy efficiency, comfort, style, and value, with factory-trained and eco-compliant solutions for a clean, cost-effective solution.

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Opal Building Solutions assists in selecting the ideal commercial entry door, considering factors like building code compliance, security, and functionality, ensuring a secure and functional space.

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We offer comprehensive glass services for home improvements, including installation, replacement, and repair, ensuring beautiful, functional, and secure glass features.

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We provide commercial railing options for safety and code compliance in high-traffic areas, including sleek glass panels, modern cable railings, and classic metal designs.

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The choice of windows for a home renovation project should consider factors like energy efficiency, noise reduction, ventilation, and aesthetics to enhance living space and boost energy efficiency.

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Where Originality and Craftsmanship Collide

Opal Building Solutions employs a team of factory-trained and fully insured in-house window installers, ensuring a flawless installation regardless of the window’s complexity. This approach saves clients costs by allowing them to benefit from direct expertise from seasoned professionals. At Opal Building Solutions, we ensure a tight fit for windows and eliminate mess after installation, adhering to environmental regulations. The final result enhances home aesthetics and comes with a warranty on the workmanship, providing peace of mind. Opal Building Solutions is a leading home improvement company for commercial and residential spaces.

Do you think your house needs a glass makeover? For everything glass, Opal Building Solutions is your one-stop shop! Our professionals can handle anything from a leaky shower door to a cracked window pane and everything in between. For any size glass need, we provide excellent installation, replacement, and repair services. Our services include replacing shower enclosures with sparkling new ones and clearing out windows to make sure the glass elements of your house are safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing.


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